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Woohoo! My new passport arrived today and it’s purty! 😀 I was already going to renew it in December since it expired in May. Well, I got a chance to go to Madrid in February, so it became a little more urgent to get the renewal done ASAP. The website was saying 4-6 week standard processing times, but that I could pay an extra $60 to get expedited service in two weeks or so. Hm. It was cutting it close, but I took the gamble and just went with regular processing and paid the $14.95 to get it sent express mail. Well, I sent it off priority mail on December 24th. They received it on Saturday the 26th. I assume they were closed for the Christmas holiday and figured this would delay my application some. Well, nope! Not at all. Even with New Years a week later, I checked my status online Tuesday and it said that my passport had been mailed already! I got it today! So, all told, less that two weeks from door to door with two major holidays in between! I’m very impressed and so happy I didn’t pay the expedite fee!

On another note, the passport is so pretty! The pages all have neat scenes of different places or historical sites in America along with famous quotes. I’m even pleased with my photo! Again, I’m very glad I went back to Walgreen’s and had them redo the photos!! I can’t wait to christen the passport in February! 🙂


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