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Well, here’s the required snow photo! I finally ventured out into the elements on Saturday after staying inside the entire day on Friday! I needed some provisions from Publix, so I had little choice but to get out there. Luckily, there was just a little bit of ice in the parking lot to navigate, however the grassy areas were still fairly covered in snow. I liked the contrast of the green, red and white in this photo. As long as I can get out and about as normal in snow, I love looking at it!


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Day 43: Let it snow!!

So, at long last, the long talked-about snow finally arrived in Georgia! Seems those snow pants yesterday worked! It started around 2:00 this afternoon while we were still at school. Being in a trailer, ahem, portable, allows me to see what’s going on weather-wise pretty easily! The kids were begging to go out and “play” in the snow. I let them have the last couple of minutes out in it, as much for them as for me! I love snow!! The students were screaming and laughing and really enjoyed the novelty of falling snow here in Atlanta. I actually enjoyed sharing it with them! 🙂

The snow continued falling most of the afternoon and evening. I thought it had stopped once the sun set. However, it looks like it is actually starting to accumulate not just on grass, but on the road and pavement! Fingers are crossed for a bonus day off tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted. 😉

ETA: They just came on the news and announced no school tomorrow! Yippee!!

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Day 41: Snow Pants

These are what are called “snow pants.” My sister coined the term many years ago to denote her favorite pajama pants that had snow flakes on them. We decided that they are actually able to conjure snow whenever we wear our designated snow pants! Yes, I know that these have pink snow flakes, but hey. I’m wearing them this week! I want to get that snow day on Friday that the news is talking about! Better safe than sorry! 😉

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