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I tutor a couple of students in the nearby Lake Winward neighborhood. I’ve been tutoring various students in there for several years now. This is the view that I catch as I drive by on the original side of the neighborhood. It literally is a short glance that I see if I turn my head at just the right moment (which I usually do). I’ve been admiring this view for a while and finally took the time today to stop and take a photograph since it was a decent day (despite the cold!) Through the trees, you can see Lake Winward itself and the newer section of the neighborhood. It is HUGE. It’s practically a small town in itself. Most of the houses that board the lake over there are in the exclusive gated areas and are what can only be described as a McMansion. I have tutored in a couple of those as well! They are incredible. Honestly, I prefer this side of the lake. 🙂


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It was only about 5:30 when this photo was taken but the sun had already set and it was getting dark. Well, darker… it’s been cold, grey and rainy all day. I was thankful the rain stopped in time for my after school tutoring sessions, though. I am also very glad that we are only about 18 days away from the shortest day of the year. That means we’ll see be over the hump of dark days like this!

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