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Well, after being told Friday the bug was coming, then told he wasn’t but that he was coming Saturday. But after waiting around for an hour, called the office and was told they weren’t coming. Then calling Sunday and being told he came Sunday for someone, but no one thought to inform me… then being told he would come on Monday, I naively put up helpful signs for the bug man since I wouldn’t be there to tell him where the ants were coming and going from. There are little post its all over my kitchen and master bathroom. And if you look closely, those little dots are dead ants. I originally left them there on Saturday since the bug man was supposedly coming out to deal with them that day (I found another batch crawling around my microwave and the wall towards the laundry center. No clue why!!) and now I’ve left them there as proof to the bug man that I’m not making it all up. They are just in this one corner (thankfully) but they still skeeve me out. There are some new carcasses that have appeared. I assume they wandered through the Raid I sprayed there originally. I can’t wait till this incident is finally taken care of! It shouldn’t take 5+ days and even more phone calls to get someone to act! Argh! Of course, no one came today. I called the office and was told someone would call me back, but the office closed before she did. Meaning- another phone call tomorrow to sort it out. Again. This is getting old!!


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